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Logos Bible Software Summer Prices Slashed:

Bible Reference Series , Deluxe Version
Bible Reference Series, Intermediate Ver.
Bible Reference Series, Standard Version
$ 74.97
Lesson Builder (550 Bible lessons & clipart and six introductory lessons)
Scholar's Library (9 Bibles, 6 Commentaries, 16 language tools, etc.) $389
Early Church Fathers, Catholic Edition (66 different authors- crucial testimony from early Christian leaders) $195
Early Church Fathers, Protestant Edition (footnotes differ from Catholic edition)
The Catholic Collection (search 3 Bibles, Jerome's Commentary & Augustine's Confessions)
Catholic Scholar's Pack (5 Bibles, commentaries and Greek/Hebrew morph., etc.) $349.97
Catholic Scholar's Collection by Catholic Answer (3 Bibles, UBS Greek, & tutorial) $149.00
Bible Clips (Church graphics resource kit with Art & Letters Draw program & over 400 clipart images)
Bible Atlas (useful tool with maps of 1000 sites broken down by historical periods) $41.97
Personal Study Bible (includes KJV plus dictionary, map, & hymns)
New Testament Greek Core Collection with KJV, Strong's Dictionary and Nestle-Aland Greek w/UBS $139.95
Dead Sea Scrolls
(unravel the mystery) $39
Revised Standard Version Bible, Catholic Edition $29 (used for papal documents)
Calvin's Commentaries and C.H. Spurgeon's Sermons plus International Standard Bible Encyclopedia with Logos Library System
Steve Greene's Midi Hymnal: A Complete Toolkit for Personal Devotions and Corporate Worship with lyrics for 3000 hymns, 2000 midi files to play, KJV Bible, hyperlinks to scripture
Bulletin Art: Clip Art for your Church or personal use, over 100 Bible illustrations

Ages Software: (Phone 800-298-1007) Fall Special: Lowest Prices on the Net.

Master Christian Library (over 400 resources) July
Special $49.99 (list is 79.95!) To view contents or order, click here
The C.H. Spurgeon Collection
The Comprehensive John Calvin Collection

Epiphany Software (At 30% off!)
NEW! Bible Explorer:
Trial Edition FREE! (good for 30 days, then give it to a friend: Contains everything on the Scholar's edition) Click here to see your choices!
Discovery Edition, Deluxe $10.45
Standard Edition, Deluxe $27.96
Reference Edition, Deluxe $49.96
Standard Edition, Deluxe $97.97
Teacher Edition, Deluxe $149.95
Scholar Edition, Deluxe $207.97

Apologetics (Audio Tape Series):

How Is Man Saved? by Tim Staples (5 tapes) $19
The Bible Alone by Dr. Scott Hahn (8 tapes) $30
The Eucharist: Summit and Source of Christian Life by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $18
Answering Common Objections by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $19
All Generations Shall Call Me Bless by Tim Staples (3 tapes) $23
The Bible and Mary by Steve Wood (3 tapes) $18

The Real Jesus--Christ in the Creeds and the Councils by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $20
The Trinity: Central Mystery of Faith by Tim Staples (3 tapes) $18
The Keys to the Kingdom: Peter's Authority in the Gospel by Tim Staples (7 tapes) $28
Heaven's Mass: What John Saw in Revelation by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $18.50
The Communion of the Saints by Tim Staples (4 tapes) $18.50
Infallibility vs. Impeccability--A Closer Look at Four Controversial Popes (3 tapes) $18
The Price of Truth by David Currie (3 tapes) $18
The New Pentecost by Dr. Scott Hahn, $18
NEW! Winning Souls Not Arguments by Patrick Madrid and Curtis Martin (4 tapes) $19
NEW! Them's Fighting Words: Epistle to the Hebrews by Tim Staples (5 tapes) $ 20
NEW! All Things Catholic by Scott Hahn and Tim Staples (5 tapes by a dynamic duo!) $20
NEW! Truths for a Troubled Age by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (3 "lost" tapes from a legend) $18
NEW! The Four Marks of the Church by Dr. Scott Hahn, $19
NEW! Finding the Fullness of the Faith by Steven Ray $18.75
NEW! Faith & Reason by Scott Hahn (5 tapes) $22.50
NEW! Twisted Scripture: Sola Scriptura Exposed by Tim Staples (3 tapes) $18.50
NEW! Purgatory Explained by Fr Clement Machado (6 tapes) $25
NEW! The Letter of James: The Keys to Holiness and Happiness by Ken Hensley (3 tapes) $18.50
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Bible Studies (Video Series):

Our Father's Plan by Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins of EWTN (13 one hour segments which provide an integrating, inspiring overview of God's plan in the Bible) $45 Order now

Bible Studies (Audio Series):

Our Father's Plan by Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins of EWTN (
13 great tapes) $32
How to Study the Bible by Dr. Scott Hahn $18
Romanism in Romans by Dr. Scott Hahn $46
The End: A Study of the Book of Revelation by Dr. Scott Hahn (11 tapes: truly revealing!) $39
The Mystery: A Study of Paul's Letter to the Ephesians by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $19
The Gospel of John by Dr. Scott Hahn (15 tapes) $50
Faith Works: A Bible Study on the Book of James by Dr. Scott Hahn (6 tapes) $24

All Israel Will be Saved by Dr. Scott Hahn (on Romans 9-11, some of the most misunderstood Scriptures--4 tapes) $18
Revelation: The Second Coming by Fr. Alfred McBride (6 tapes) $24
click here to learn more
The Book of Hebrews by Dr. Scott Hahn $32

The Gospel of Matthew by Dr. Scott Hahn $18 (order by phoning
The Last Seven Sayings of Jesus by Dr. Scott Hahn $18
The Acts of the Apostles by Dr. Scott Hahn, $18 Puts Peter and Paul into perspective.
NEW! The Eucharist: The Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar by Tim Staples (5 tapes) $22 Great series, Click here to learn more!
NEW! Thy Kingdom Come: A Study of Matthew, the Gospel of the Church by Dr. Scott Hahn (12 tapes) $39.95
NEW! The Rapture Revealed by David Currie (The Second Coming of Christ in the Bible) $18
NEW! Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Tim Staples $24 (6 tapes to make you an effective evangelist)
NEW! Heaven's Mass: What John Really Saw in the Book of Revelation by Dr. Scott Hahn $18.50
NEW! Exploring the Depths of Jonah by Dr. Scott Hahn (3 tapes) $18
NEW! Apocalypse Now by Fr. John Corapi (4 tapes) $18.50
NEW! In the Footsteps of St. Paul: A Bible Study of 1 Corinthians & Acts 16-18 by Fr. Mitch Pacwa (6 tapes) $24.95
The First Epistle of Peter by Dr. Scott Hahn (4 tapes) $18.50
Encountering Christ in the Gospels by Dr. Scott Hahn (6 tapes) $24.00
NEW! Mission of the Messiah by Tim Gray
(6 tapes
plus his book of the same title) $29.00
NEW! Reunited?--Sibling Rivalry in Salvation History by Scott and Kimberly Hahn (4 tapes) $18.95
Salvation History by Dr. Scott Hahn (5 tapes) $19.00

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Video Tapes:

Jesus of Nazareth--This is a video that you will watch over and over. All-star cast including Laurence Olivier, Michael York, James Earl Jones, Anthony Quinn, Rod Steiger, Anne Bancroft, and Robert Powell (6 moving hours of drama) Best ever life of Jesus!! $45 Order this or A.D. Now

A.D. The inspiring sequel to Jesus of Nazareth which portrays the struggles of the early Church starring James Mason and an all-star cast (6 hours of great drama) $45

The Prisoner (Cardinal Mindszenty's heroic life under communism starring Alec Guiness and Jack Hawkins--great drama! $25

The Catechism of the Catholic Church
(Bishop Schoeburn explains the four pillars of the Catechism) $24

NEW! Joan of Arc $19
(Young Saint who changed the history of Europe!)

NEW! St. Francis of Assisi is a full length theatrical production starring Brad Dillman and Delores Hart shot on location in Assisi (112 min.) $24

NEW! Bishop Sheen: Good Friday. Taken from his television series, which had over 30 million viewers in the 1950's! His Life of Christ was one of his many best sellers. You can see why in this video which focuses on the meaning of Christ's life and death.

NEW! The Prince of Egypt an animated video of the life of Moses, which is full of drama, great music and wonderful animation. The video contains three soundtracks, namely, the original movie soundtrack, an inspirational soundtrack and a Nashville artists soundtrack. On Sale now for only $19.95

NEW! Legends of Ireland is the story of the great adventurous life of Saint Patrick. He escaped from a life of slavery in Ireland, butreturned to convert the people. It also tells the tales of St. Brendan the Navigator, who explored the seas in the 6th century. $19.95

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Family Life Software by Logos
Christmas in October SALE: ALL Four Children's Programs by Logos Only $19.95!! Order now: limited supply!
1)Noah and the Ark (animated, interactive Biblical storybook)
2)David and Goliath (animated, interactive story)
3)Conflict in Jerusalem (adventure game taking you through Passion and Resurrection of Christ)
4)Bible Crosswords (over 200 puzzles)

Children's Catechism: Book One: The Life of Jesus (animated illustrations and sounds) $24

Family Life (Audio series)

! The Holy Family by Scott & Kimberly Hahn (3 tapes) $18
NEW! Catholic Marriage Covenant by Scott & Kimberly Hahn (3 tapes) $18
NEW! Restoring the Heights of Father by Curtis Martin (3 tapes)$18
NEW! Safeguarding the Family by Philip Gray, Marcus Grodi and Curtis Martin $18
NEW! Get a Life in Christ: #3: Encounter Christ in
Everyday Life by Fr. Benedict Groeschel $24
NEW! Get a Life in Christ: #4: Set Free by God's Law by Fr. Benedict Groeschel $20
Dating and Courtship by Kimberly Hahn $18
Set Your Faith Ablaze by Radix (Rock group) $18
How to Get the Most Out of the Mass by Dr. Scott Hahn $19
You and the God of Mercy by Fr. Benedict Groeschel $18

Audios For Children From GT & the Halo Express:
God's Love $7.95
God's Plan of Salvation $7.95
God's Protection (by day and night) $7.95
Winning the Great Race of Faith $7.95
Made to be a VIP $7.95
Ticket to Christmas $7.95
Red & Yellow, Black & White $7.95
Best of GT and the Halo Express $7.95

Family Life: Books
NEW! Courageous Love: A Bible Study on Holiness for Women by Stacy Mitch $8.95
NEW! The Life of Mary As Seen by the Mystics compiled by Raphael Brown $10.00
NEW! Ignatius: The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition (paper) $16.00
NEW! Mission of the Messiah by Tim Gray $9.00
NEW! The Navarre Bible: Revelation (Best commentary out quoting the Fathers and the Saints frequently) $12.25
NEW! The Navarre Bible: Hebrews $12.25
NEW! The Navarre Bible: Luke $12.25
NEW! Christ and The Americas by Anne W. Carroll (History from a Christian perspective) $11.95
NEW! Where We Got The Bible by Rev. Henry G. Graham $6.00
NEW! Catholic Replies by James J. Drummey (classic radio answers) $17.95
NEW! Did Adam and Eve Have Belly Buttons? by Matthew J. Pinto (aimed at teens) $11.99
NEW! The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam ("compelling vision") $12.95
NEW! Catholic For a Reason: Scripture and the Mystery of the Family of God edited (and partly written) by Scott Hahn and Leon Suprenant, Jr. $14.95
NEW! A Father Who Keeps His Promises by Dr. Scott Hahn $11.19
NEW! A Short History of the Catholic Church by Jose Orlandis (form the time of Jesus to the 20th century) $9.95
NEW! Handbook of Prayers (pocket size treasury which includes the order of the Mass in English and Latin) $14.00

Family Life--Children's Videos (phone 800-298-1007 to Order)

The Nativity $9.95 --part of series of 13 videos by Hanna-Barbera, which includes:
David and Goliath
Noah's Arc
Daniel and the Lion's Den
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
Sampson and Delilah
Queen Ester
The Easter Story
The Miracles of Jesus--$9.95 each or any 3 for $24.95) $89.95 for whole series

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle$14.95
Francis Xavier and the Lost Treasure $14.95
Nicholas, the Boy who became Santa $14.95
Columbus: Adventures to the End of the World $14.95
St. Francis: Knight of Assisi $14.95
Fatima: The Sun Danced $14.95
(any 3 for $ 36.95)

Where's God When I am Scared? $11.95
God Wants Me to Forgive Them $11.95
(Other Veggie tales are also available)

Abraham (150 min.) $19.95
Jacob (94 min)($19.95)
Joseph (185 min.) $22.95

For more information click here

Theology and Religion--software-Harmony Media

Welcome to the Catholic Church (a valuable collection of Scripture, Church history, Vatican II documents, the Catholic encyclopedia, Butler's Lives of the Saints and Germaine Grisez classic plus maps & music!) Can't beat this price! $64 (lists for 79.95)

Summa Theologica (or the Sum of Theology by St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church) $39

Illustrated Catholic Bible II (includes RSV, New American Bibles, & two key Vatican documents on Scripture) $24

Butler's Lives of the Saints (3 volumes of inspiring lives from Irenaeus to Patrick, from Joan of Arc to Therese of Lisieux on Cd-rom) $23

Teachings of John Paul II (includes pope's works, biography plus life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta) $20

Catechism of the Catholic Church with all of it 3600 references fully searchable $32

Audio Books and Bibles: (Phone 800-298-1007)

Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis (a classic in 6 tapes) $20
The Story of A Soul : An Autobiography of Therese of Liseux, the Little Flower; 8 tapes: $26
Popular History of the Catholic Church (2000 years of history!); 12 tapes: $29.56
New Testament: Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition; 12 tapes: $37.56
New! Joan of Arc by Mark Twain read by Mark Taheny 10 tapes $36.50

Music CD's and Tapes

With Jesus as the Foundation by Mission Road $10 (CD) (audio tape $8)
Battle Array by Radix $12
Immaculate Heart, O Sacred Heart by Donna Lee $12 (audio tape)
Celebrate Jesus from Hosanna Music (CD)$10
That We May Be One by Donna Cori Gibson $12 (tape $9.50)
Prayers From Heaven and to Heaven by Donna Cori Gibson $12 (tape $9.50)
Our Lady's Musical Rosary by Donna Cori Gibson (2 cassettes, $12)
NEW! Go Out to All the World, Volume 1 and 2 by Jim Cowan (includes 28 original psalms and hymns on each) CD $12 per volume (tape $9.50 each)
Live the Life by Michael W. Smith (CD) $9.00
Songs From the Heart by Yolanda Adams (CD) $9.00
Pray by Rebecca St. James (CD) $9.00
Steady On by Point of Grace (CD) $9.00

Step Up by Newsboys (CD) $9.00
Feels Like Rain by Men of Standard (CD) $9
Passion For Praise by Carman $15
NEW! What Kind of Love by Margaret Becker
NEW! Never Alone by Eric Genius
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800-298-1007 or by e-mail or fax at 419-858-7760.

The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible by Jeff Cavins (video $54; audio version is only $27)--excellent tool for Bible studies or small Christian communities!

Mary and the Eucharist by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Mother Teresa of Calcutta $5.95

The Meaning of Suffering by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (1 audio tape $5.95)

Conversion Stories ($4.00/tape) which are unique and life changing from the following persons:
Dr. Scott Hahn--former Presbyterian minister
Kimberly Hahn--Scott's wife, author and speaker
Steve Wood--former Assembly of God pastor
Ken Hensley--former Baptist pastor
Tim Staples--former Assembly Of God pastor
Dr. Deal Hudson--former Baptist, now on EWTN
Jeff Cavins--former Protestant pastor

Order any Logos Unlock Collection including such favorites as Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli's "Handbook to Bible Study," Thomas a Kempis "Imitation of Christ," New Unger's Bible Dictionary, the works of R. C. Sproul and John MacArthur Jr., etc. for Fall sale prices and take an additional 5 % Savings! Simply mention this LIBRARY CARD# O5323. Phone 800-875-6467 today !

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