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Mary and the Bible by Steve
WoodThe Bible and Mary by Steve Wood

Steve Wood is a former Protestant minister and a devoted Christian pro-life worker who has became a Catholic only after much soul searching. One of the beliefs that kept him out of the Church so long was his misunderstanding of what Catholics really believe concerning Mary. In this fascinating series, Steve lays the groundwork for understanding the dramatically different views of Mary held by Protestants and Catholics. He shows, for example, how the definition of Mary as the "mother of God" was taken at the Council of Ephesus in 451 A.D. to combat the Nestorian heresy and how failure to do so would have undermined the divinity of Christ. This doctrine of theotokos (Greek for "Mother of God") was universally accepted by Christians up until the Protestant Reformation.

Wood also discusses the misunderstood doctrine of the Immaculate Conception as well as the perpetual virginity of Mary, in the context of both Scripture and Apostolic Tradition. Drawing on Biblical passages often overlooked, he explains two Marian doctrines often misunderstood by Protestants, the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven and her intercession before the throne of God for sinners on earth. His presentation is both enlightening and insightful, providing a view of the first Christian that all generations, according to Scripture, will call holy.

    Audio  $18.95

Mary: The Second Eve by Steve Wood

This DVD focuses on the three underlying reasons why Protestants and Catholics differ over Mary. Although the material covered is similar to Steve Wood's audio series, Mary: The World's Greatest Woman, this video captures the dynamism of a live presentation and is perfect for showing in a family, parish, or small group setting.

Topics include:

  • What are the three underlying reasons Protestants and Catholics differ over Mary?
  • Is Mary foreshadowed in biblical prophecy?
  • What is the biblical way to view Mary and Jesus?
  • How does the Bible present Mary and Eve?
  • What caused an Evangelical Protestant minister to see that Catholic teaching on Mary is biblical?
  •      $18.95

    Catholic audio series by noted apologist Tim Staples All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed by Tim Staples

    A six hour audio tape series by former Protestant minister turned Catholic apologist, Tim Staples. The popular lay evangelist and talk-show guest demonstrates the numerous overlooked references to Our Lady in the Bible. Tim demonstrates the Biblical basis for Catholic beliefs about Mary and gives us a better understanding of the Lady, the Catholic Catechism calls "our mother in the order of grace." Tim explores the central role played by Mary in the drama of salvation. He reveals the Biblical Mary and why her greatest virtue was her humility and her ability to point us to her beloved Son. We will, in a sense, accompany Mary from her fiat response to the angel (her assent to God's will) to her presence at the foot of the Cross, in the upper room with the apostles praying for the Holy Spirit and alongside of John as he wrote his gospel, showing key references to her role from the Book of Genesis to the Book of Revelation and in the writing of the Fathers of the Church.


    All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed II by Tim Staples All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed II by Tim Staples

    How do you answer charges that the Catholic Church "invented" the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception in 1854? Or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in 1950? What evidence can you produce to show that the early Christians believed Catholic teaching about honoring the Mother of Jesus? And how does it affect our understanding of other crucial Catholic doctrines? In the impressive five-tape series Tim follows his exhaustive Scriptural study on the Blessed Virgin with a tour-de-force of patristic teaching (the teaching of the Early Church Fathers) on the role of Mary in the Church.

    Little-Known Testimony 

    In this powerful series you'll encounter the Marian theology of great figures of the early Church like St. Augustine, St. Jerome, and St. Ambrose and many others.  Armed with the little-known testimony of these earliest defenders of the faith, you'll discover that far from being "recent inventions," doctrines like the sinlessness of Mary have always been taught and believed by the Christian faithful. Tim conclusively demonstrates how it was through this ancient Mariology that the Fathers found in the Blessed Mother concrete examples of theological abstracts that helped them form the foundations of our faith. Tim also relates rare and fascinating accounts of early Marian apparitions and miracles-and the effect they had on the development of the early Church's understanding of such crucial matters of faith as Christology, salvation, and the nature of the Church. So you're certain to grow in your appreciation not only of Mary, but also of Christ and His Church.

    Fresh, New Insights 

    In All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed II, you'll be exposed to fresh new insights on much-maligned Church teachings about the Blessed Virgin and learn to demonstrate how the early Christians uncovered the basis of today's Marian beliefs in their exegesis of Sacred Scripture. And you'll discover why it is an
    essential part of comprehending the historic Christian faith to intellectually and spiritually embrace the defined dogmas of Mary's Divine Maternity, Perpetual Virginity, Bodily Assumption and Immaculate Conception. Here at last is a collection of patristic teachings you could spend a lifetime trying to find on your own, including many insights you simply won't find in general texts on the Fathers of the Church.

    Startling Revelations 

    Enthusiastically relating these startling revelations Tim will open your eyes to a fuller experience of Mary as Tim Staples pulls the rug out from under the classic Protestant objections regarding the historical basis of key Marian dogmas, doctrines and devotions. This is vital information you can share with fallen-away friends and family. As Tim has constantly maintained, Our Lady is not an obstacle to evangelization, but one of our greatest means of leading our separated brethren to the fullness of the faith.


    All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed by Tim Staples All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed by Tim Staples in Video (1 hr., 54 min)

    In the all-new video All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed, Tim condenses the teachings from his best selling audio tape series on the biblical truth about Mary into a solidly scriptural and 100% Catholic presentation guaranteed to satisfy the most intense objections. In this two-hour apologetic tour-de-force you'll discover fresh new insights on the often-attacked Church teachings about the Blessed Virgin and learn to demonstrate how the Catholic beliefs about her are unmistakably rooted in Sacred Scripture. You will see Mary Immaculately conceived in Scripture… Mary assumed into Heaven in Scripture… Mary as perpetual virgin in Scripture… Again and again, Tim meets the Protestant objections to Mary head-on with Scripture, history and a healthy dose of good old fashioned common sense. Never before has a video presentation of this kind been filled with such biblical evidence and logical reasoning.



    Our Lady of Guadalupe video from home of discount bible software and catholic audios Our Lady of Guadalupe Video

    One of the handful of Marian appearances that the Church has approved as legitimate was her appearance to a poor Aztec Indian in conquered Mexico in the year 1531 A.D., by the name of Juan Diego. Juan, as the Spanish called him, was most hesitant to do as the Lady in his vision asked, but he did. He went to see the newly arrived Spanish Bishop, Juan Zumarraga, to tell him of the vision he had on Tepyac hill and that Mary desired a church to be built on the former Atzec goddess' site (where human sacrifices had taken place in accord with the Aztec religion) and that Our Lady would intercede with her Son for the people of Mexico whom she loved if this were done. The Bishop was more than skeptical and Juan was becoming discouraged in his ability to carry out the Lady's wishes, but a miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on the inside of the tilma (cloak made of woven plant fiber) of Juan and the Castilian roses (which the Bishop had prayed for as a sign) convinced him and made Juan's faithful testimony the key to the rapid conversion of nine million Indians, beginning only ten short years after the conquest by the conquistadores. This documentary includes testimony from priests, historians, doctors, authors and others and explains the import of Our Lady of Guadalupe to Mexico and the Americas, the miracles associated with the shrine and the relationship of what the president of Mexico referred to as "Guadalupian love" to the pro-life movement. 70 minutes $18 Click Here to Order and scroll down to find this title.

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