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Jesus of Nazareth--All-star cast including Laurence Olivier, Michael York, James Earl Jones, Anthony Quinn, Rod Steiger, Anne Bancroft, and Robert Powell (6 moving hours of drama) Most inspiring life of Jesus ever put on film! Reduced to $29.95--DVD version $32.95 (or $39.95 with study guide) Order this Now   A.D. Anno Domini or the Year of Our Lord. The inspiring sequel to Jesus of Nazareth which portrays the struggles of the early Church starring James Mason and an all-star cast (6 hours of great drama) $59.95 Order this Now (also comes in 9 hour version) 877-461-8608  
  New! Eucharist, A Legacy of Love, the Early Church $18.95   New! The Real Presence $18.95
True Love is Tested by Father John Corapi $15.95   Celebration of the Christian Mysteries-Fr. Corapi $15.95      
Mary the Great Sign by Fr. Corapi  $15.95       The Easter Triduum: Entering the Paschal Mystery (relive the Passion of our Lord) Easter Special: $22.95
The Mother we Love by Fr. Corapi $17.95       The Ten Commandments by Fr. Corapi   $17.95
The Beatitudes  by Fr. John Corapi $17.95 The Profession of Faith by Fr. Corapi    $15.95   
The Life of C. S. Lewis: Through Joy and Beyond $19.95    The Prisoner (Cardinal Mindszenty's heroic life under communism starring Alec Guiness and Jack Hawkins--great drama!) $25
The Meditation of the Passion of Christ by Radix (it brings tears to audiences everywhere!) $18.95 Order this Now Legends of Ireland is the story of the great adventurous life of Saint Patrick. He escaped from a life of slavery in Ireland, but returned to convert the people. It also tells the tales of St. Brendan the Navigator, who explored the seas in the 6th century. $19.95
Bishop Sheen: Good Friday. Taken from his television series, which had over 30 million viewers in the 1950's! His Life of Christ was one of his many best sellers. $19.95 (Order by Phoning 877-461-8608 toll free). Retreat with Fulton J. Sheen (Confession, Satan, Love, the Mass, Choice, the Our Father, Youth and Sex, "Wasting your life for Christ," Our Lady, Kenosis, "Old Pots," the Cross--6 tapes, 360 minutes) $79.95  (FREE Shipping!)
Joan of Arc  (Young Saint who changed the history of Europe with her profound faith and reliance on her God!) $19 St. Francis of Assisi is a full length theatrical production on the gentle Saint, starring Brad Dillman and Delores Hart shot on location in Assisi (112 min.) $24
NEW! Bible on Video: Genesis and Luke follows Scripture with no added dialogue. Eight videos, 60-100 minutes each from Abraham and Isaac to the Resurrection of Jesus using either the Revised Standard Version or upon request, the King James Version. $89.95 Free Shipping until Christmas if you mention this offer. Phone: 877-461-8608 or e-mail us at
Visual Bible: The Book of Acts is a multi-million dollar spectacular starring Richard Kiley as Matthew, James Brolin as Peter and Dean Jones as Luke. Script is presented word for word from the Bible--a first. $69.95  Also comes in DVD Version for $86.00  Phone 877-461-8608 toll free!
The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Bishop Schoeburn explains the four pillars of the Catechism) $24.00  (FREE shipping!) Woman Clothed with the Sun by EWTN Global Network (3 videos) $44.00
The Prince of Egypt an animated video of the life of Moses, which is full of drama, great music and wonderful animation. On Sale now for only $18.95  (FREE Shipping!) The Chronicles of Narnia (3 videos) 1)The Silver Chair; 2)The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; 3)Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Award winner!) $50.95
St. John in Exile with Dean Jones  $19.97  (DVD version available also)     Time Travel Through the Bible (with Jonathan Frakes) $14.95  
Visual Bible: Matthew $69.95 The Truth Exposed by Scott Hahn et. al. $18.50
Teaching of Jesus Christ: Commandments 1-3 $17.95 Teaching of Jesus Christ: Commandments 4-5 $17.95
Teaching of Jesus Christ: Commandments 6-7 $17.95 Teaching of Jesus Christ: Commandments 8-10 $17.95

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Family Life Software by Logos: 
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SALE: ALL Four Children's Programs by Logos Only $19.95-- List Price for these programs is $90.00 so you SAVE $70 and get a program that will help your children grow in their appreciation of the Bible. Children love to work on the computer and it is an effective learning tool to keep them Christ centered!

1)Noah and the Ark (animated, interactive Biblical storybook)
2)David and Goliath (animated, interactive story)
3)Conflict in Jerusalem (adventure game taking you through Passion and Resurrection of Christ)
4)Bible Crosswords (over 200 puzzles)
Click here to Order all four now for only $19.95

Children's Catechism: Book One: The Life of Jesus (animated illustrations and sounds; also comes in Spanish)


Children's Catechism: Book Two: Death and Resurrection of Jesus


Book Three: The Promised Land




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