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Family Life--Children's Videos (phone 877-461-8608 to Order)
The Nativity $9.95 --part of series of 13 videos by Hanna-Barbera, which includes:
Creation $9.95
Moses $9.95
David and Goliath $9.95
Noah's Arc $9.95
Daniel and the Lion's Den $9.95
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho $9.95
Sampson and Delilah $9.95
Queen Ester $9.95
The Easter Story $9.95
The Miracles of Jesus--$9.95 or
any 3 above for $24.95; $89.95

Patrick: Brave Shepherd of the Emerald Isle$13.95
Francis Xavier and the Lost Treasure $13.95
Nicholas, the Boy who became Santa $13.95
Columbus: Adventures to the End of the World $13.95
St. Francis: Knight of Assisi $13.95
Fatima: The Sun Danced $13.95
Ben Hur: Race to Glory $13.95
(any 3 for $ 36.95)

Larry Boy and The Rumor Weed $11.95
Where's God When I am Scared? $11.95
God Wants Me to Forgive Them $11.95
Other Veggie tales are also available)

Abraham (150 min.) $19.95
Jacob (94 min)($19.95)
Joseph (185 min.) $22.95

The Chronicles of Narnia (3 videos):

 1)The Silver Chair;

 2)The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe;

 3)Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader (Award winner!) $49.95 Free shipping!
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Music CD's and Tapes (Phone Toll Free 877-461-8608)

Let It Rain by Renee Bondi (CD 14.95; Cassette 9.50) A deeply personal collection of original songs reflecting Renee's growth as a woman and a Christian, her ministry and personal triumph of adversity. Songs include: Jesus Christ is Lord; I Can Do All Things; Let it Rain; Run Another Day; Make Me Your Instrument, etc.  

      CD $14.95


      CD $9.50

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With Jesus as the Foundation by Mission Road $12 (CD) (audio tape $8) Scriptural music with passion
Immaculate Heart, O Sacred Heart by Donna Lee $12 (audio tape)
That We May Be One by Donna Cori Gibson CD $14 (tape $9.50)
Prayers From Heaven and to Heaven by Donna Cori Gibson CD $14 (tape $9.50)
Our Lady's Musical Rosary by Donna Cori Gibson (2 cassettes, $12) or (3 CD's

Divine Mercy Prayers by Donna Cori Gibson (includes Sung chaplet) cassette $9.50; CD $14.95

Our Catholic Faith by Donna Cori Gibson (CD, $14.95) (cassette, $9.50)

Go Out to All the World, Volume 1 and 2 by Jim Cowan (includes 28 original psalms and hymns on each) CD $14 per volume (tape $9.50 each)

Passion For Praise by Carman $15.95
Never Alone by Eric Genius $14.95
Rock and Roll Christmas
by Dion $14.00
Voice of an Angel by Charlotte Church $15 --Phone Toll Free  877-461-8608  

Surrender Your Love by Renee Bondi CD $14.95; Cassette $9.50     

Strength for the Journey by Renee Bondi CD $14.95; Cassette $9.50  

Inner Voice by Renee Bondi CD $14.00; Cassette $9.50 

Songs by Rich Mullins, $16.49; or Songs 2 by Rich Mullins, which is also $16.49; both CD's only $32.00  

Prayers of a Ragamuffin by A Ragamuffin Band $16.95

Ordinary Times by Marie Bellet CD $14.95; Cassette $9.50; 

What I Wanted to Say by Marie Bellet CD $14.95; Cassette $9   

You Are a Priest Forever by Annie Karto CD ($14); cassette ($10).

The Cave of the Heart by John Michael Talbot CD ($14.95)

The Rosary by Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon CD ($14.95) 

The Stations of the Cross by Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon (CD $14.95)

In the Palm of His Hand by Dana CD ($14.95)

The Cave of the Heart by John Michael Talbot, CD ($14.95)

Prayers of the Great Saints by Dona Cori Gibson, CD ($14.95)

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Mary and the Eucharist by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and Mother Teresa of Calcutta (a classic) $5.95

The Meaning of Suffering by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen--understanding suffering in a Christian context is crucial because Christ's suffering made us whole and because we can draw closer to Him when we suffer! (1 tape) $5.95

The Father's Gifts by Rosalind Moss (EWTN personality and Catholic Answers apologist) $5.95

Mary, Our Jewish Mother by Rosalind Moss, $5.95

Holy Shock by Rosalind Moss (an evangelical discovers the Catholic Church) $5.95

Proving the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist by Fr. Frank Chacon $5.95

Mary, Mother of God & Immaculate Conception by Fr. Frank Chacon $5.95

Evangelium Vitae [The Gospel of Life] by Fr. Matthew Habiger $4.95

All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed by Tim Staples $5.95

John Paul II's "Theology of the Body" by Christopher West $5.95 (also have the book)

About the Angels by Fulton Sheen $5.00

Blessed Mother by Fulton Sheen $5.00

The Approach of Midnight by Fulton Sheen $5.00

The Great Battle in Heaven by Fulton Sheen $5.00

Before the Hour of Death by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea $5.95

Conversion Stories ($4.95/tape unless otherwise marked) which are unique and life changing from the following persons: 

Steven Ray-author of Upon This Rock and Crossing the Tiber--Powerful testimony! $5.00 Dave Palm: "What Must I Do to be Saved?" Conversion Story 
Dr. Scott Hahn--former Presbyterian minister, now a Professor at Franciscan University Kimberly Hahn--Scott's wife, author and speaker who converted four years after Scott.
Steve Wood--former Assembly of God pastor and founder of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers  Ken Hensley--former Baptist pastor, noted apologist
Tim Staples--former Assembly Of God pastor, noted apologist and author Dr. Deal Hudson-- former Baptist preacher, now on EWTN
Jeff Cavins--former Protestant pastor, now hosting "On This Rock" on EWTN Dion {Belmont}--Rock and Roll star becomes Catholic: the Wander comes Home            
NEW! Jesse Romero-- ex-LA. cop and Karate champion turned Apologist NEW! Thomas F. Smith
NEW! John David Black: Walking with the Franciscan Missionaries NEW! Holy Shock by Rosalind Moss of Catholic Answers ($5.95)
NEW! John Thompson: Journey to Catholicism and Papal Infallibility  $5.00 NEW! Alex Jones, former Penecostal Minister ($5.95)

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