Music of Jim Cowan: Musician and Vocalist Extraordinaire


Jim is a graduate on the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, Massachusetts and is currently the Director of Music for the conferences at the Franciscan University in Steubenville where he has led worship for over 15 years. He is a prolific liturgical song writer and performer with more than 30 CD's to his credit. He travels extensively, throughout the U.S. and Europe sharing his music ministry at parishes and concerts. He speaks at workshops and conferences around the country on the subject of leading worship. He has toured with his family and most recently with John Michael Talbot and has worked on projects with Tony Melendez, Stacy Wilson, Don Moen, and Steve Merkel.

His wonderful talent of song and heartfelt prayer are richly enhanced by his original and selected inspirational, sacred music. His music is both uplifting and inspiring. It draws you into a personal prayer of your own, touching your heart and soul.

When It's All Been Said and Done-New Songs of Worship.

1. One Thing Remains                                     8. Holy, Holy Lord

2. For This Refuge                                          9. For Your Name Is Holy

3. From This Moment On                               10. When It's All Been Said and Done

4. In His Holy Chambers                                11. We Hold A Treasure

5. There Is A King                                          12. Altar Call

6. Set Your Mind On Things Above               13. Our Father

7. Beneath the Shelter of Your Wings

     $15.95 CD

The River is Here

1. Is Anyone Thirsty                                                    9. Sing to the Lord

2. We Will Dance                                                      10. The River is Here

3. He Reigns                                              

4. Mercy is Falling                                                   

5. Before You Now                            

6. Sweet Wind                                                       

7. Hide Me in the Shelter                                                 

8. My All in All

      $15.95 CD

The Cup of Life by Jim Cowan and Tony Melendez

1. Comforter Divine                                                9. The Cup of Life Outpoured

2. Shine, Jesus, Shine                                            10. This is Jesus

3. We Are One Body                                            11. By His Blood

4. Glory to God                                                     12. Salvation Belongs to our God

5. All Creation Worships                                        

6. You Alone Are Holy          

7. Forever Grateful                             

8. Take Your Place at the Table                                                


     $16.95 CD  (Sold Out)

 The Father's Love

1. This Means I Love You                                   9.  That Where I Am

2. How Deep the Father's Love                           10. The Lord is My Shepherd

3. What a Friend I've Found                                11. Once Again

4. My First Love                                                 12. When It Has All Been Said and Done

5. Breath of God                                                

6. Living Stones                                                 

7. Run to the Light                                             

8. We Will Dance

   $16.95 CD

Behold the Lamb by Jim Cowan, Steve Merkel and Don Moen

1. Kyrie                                                          9. We Will Meet You There

2. Come and Rejoice                                     10. Faithful to Your Call

3. Glory, Glory to the King                             11. Give Thanks

4. Because We Believe                                   12. Gloria in Excelsis Deo

5. At the Name of Jesus                                       

6. I Saw Heaven Open                                    

7. Jesus We Enthrone You                                      

8. Come to the Table

      $16.95 CD (sold out)

More (New!)

  1. Blessed Be Your Name
  2. More  
  3. Breathe
  4. Enough
  5. From This Time Forth
  6. In Your Holy Courts
  7. Hungry
  8. In the Light of Your Glory
  9. Adoration
  10. What a Friend I've Found
  11. Here in Your Presence
  12. My Reward


    $15.95 CD

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