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New! In the Footsteps of St. Paul: A Bible Study on 1 Corinthians & Acts 16-18 by Fr. Mitch Pacwa- An exciting new study of St. Paul's teaching that gives us a glimpse of the early Church is presented Fr. Pacwa, a frequent guest on EWTN and a Professor at the University of Dallas. Traces Paul's journey through Asia Minor and Europe and provides much spiritual insight into his theology. (6 audio tapes) $24.95
New! Mission of the Messiah by Tim Gray--A compelling new six tape study of the Gospel of Luke that makes the parables of Jesus come alive with meaning. Tim presents the Messianic mission of Jesus in the light of Old Testament prophecy. Creates a burning love of Christ in our hearts. Bible study comes with Tim's book of the same title! $29.00
New! Winning Souls Not Arguments by Patrick Madrid and Curtis Martin--A charitable but persuasive presentation of the most misunderstood teachings of the Catholic Church by two internationally known Catholic apologists. Explores the Biblical, historical and patristic background in a way that benefits Catholics and non-Catholics alike. (4 tapes) $18.00
New! Safeguarding the Family by Marcus Grodi, Curtis Martin and Philip Gray--Three tapes: 1)Marriage: The Forgotten Sacrament by Philip Gray; 2)Becoming Men of God by Curtis Martin; and 3)Keeping Our Kids Catholic by Marcus Grodi. An inspiring look at how we can use God's graces to safeguard our families. $16.00
New! Restoring the Hearts of Father by Curtis Martin--An inspiring three tape series that examines God's plan for fathers in the pages of Holy Scripture and explains and encourages fathers and husbands to be faithful to the teaching of Christ and His Church. A lift from God's word for troubled families in our culture.$16.00
The Rapture Revealed by David Currie--gives an exciting Biblical perspective to your understanding, contrasting Protestant and Catholic points of view. Three tapes: 1)The Roots of the Rapture; 2)Rethinking the Rapture; 3)The Rapture Revealed. $18.00
The Price of Truth by David Currie--Former Fundamentalist minister and missionary, David Currie gives a detailed account of his conversion story, explaining the doctrines of the faith in the process as understood by Protestants and Catholics, respectively. An excellent apologist and speaker! (3 audio tapes) $18.00
New! Apocalypse . . . Now by Fr. John Corapi--Fr. Corapi, a millionaire businessman who gave it all up to become a priest, holds a doctorate in Sacred Theology. In this four tape series he focuses on the Lord's messages to the bishops of seven churches of Asia Minor and their message of correction and hope, both to the Church of that day and our own today. A powerful message of hope in a culture which increasingly rejects Christian morality. $18.50
Heaven's Mass: What St. John Really Saw in the Book of Revelation by Dr. Scott Hahn--Discover the Mass in the pages of the Book of Revelation. A series which not only gives you a new appreciation of liturgy, but also of divine revelation. Four tapes: 1)Miracle of the Mass; 2)Command Performance: Participation in the Liturgy; 3)Sunday is the First Day of Rest; 4)Sunday the First Day of Rest (continued). $18.50
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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt by Tim Staples, Director of Evangelization for the Catholic Resource Center--Tim calls this an introduction to "philosophical apologetics" and is designed to enhance your apologetic foundation (ability to explain your faith). A great resource for RCIA, catechists and teachers. Six tape series sells for $24.00.
New! The Communion of the Saints by Tim Staples. Tim is fast becoming one of the most engaging apologists anywhere exploring the Scriptures in this to explain the phrase in the Nicene creed referring to a belief in the "communion of saints." Tim delves deep into Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church to highlight this doctrine as well as Purgatory, indulgences and the veneration of relics--all ground for misunderstanding among Christians. $18.50
New! The Keys of the Kingdom: Petrine Authority by Tim Staples. This is a personal favorite because Tim's insightful discussion of the passages relating to Peter goes way beyond a discussion of the keys in Matthew 16:17-19 and Tim's top ten reasons why this Scripture proves Petrine authority, into a fuller understanding of Biblical and patristic basis for the succession of the episcopal office, especially as relates to the primacy of Peter. His passion for the subject is marvelous! A great bargain for $28.00 (7 tapes).
New! Infallibility versus Impeccability by Tim Staples. In his new series, Infallibility vs. Impeccability— A Closer Look at the Four Controversial Popes, Pentecostal convert and apologist Tim Staples presents ready responses to any and all critics. Citing texts from the Bible, the Church Fathers, defined Conciliar teachings and the testimony of the saints, Tim offers explosive explanations and carefully-crafted clarifications to defend the erroneous charges cited against these successors of St. Peter. You will be truly amazed when you hear for yourself the documentation and evidence affirming Catholic Truth. $18.00 (3 tapes).
New! Exploring the Depths of Jonah: A Bible Study on the Book of Jonah by Dr. Scott Hahn. This is the story of one of the best known, but least understood of the Old Testament prophets. Scott argues that it is not just a parable filled with satire, nor a mere allegory, but rather a "prophetic history" demonstrated by multiple, converging strands of evidence. Jesus promised the pharisees only the "sign of Jonah" and He called Peter "the son of Jonah" for a reason. Jonah is not just a good fish story about a reluctant prophet, it is a gold mine. It is part of the word! An awesome value for only $18.00 (3 tapes).
All Israel Will Be Saved by Dr. Scott Hahn--This four tape series sheds new light on Romans 9-11, which has puzzled many commentators who actually came to the conclusion that St. Paul was either changing in mid-stream or simply using Scriptures out of context. Scott shows how St. Paul, himself a former Pharisee and a pupil of Rabbi Gamiel, not only does not use quotations from the Old Testament out of context, but brilliantly deploys texts to show God's plan for restoring the ten "lost" tribes of Israel. Four tape series a great value for $18.00.
The Last Seven Sayings of Jesus by Dr. Scott Hahn--Jesus' words on the Cross of Calvary are explained in a manner which brings out their meaning for all Christians and Jesus' prayers for us. Only $18.00.
Faith Works: A Bible Study of the Book of James by Dr. Scott Hahn--James, the "epistle of straw" according to Luther, is shown for its rich beauty and the description of faith working in love, which complements rather than contradicts the efforts of St. Paul. The six tape series sells for $24.00.
NEW! Thy Kingdom Come, A Study on Matthew, the Gospel of the Church by Dr. Scott Hahn--Scott shows that Matthew's emphasis on the Kingdom of Heaven is inseparably linked to the Church which Jesus founded. His emphasis on the Davidic kingdom, not only demonstrates for his Jewish-Christian audience the identity of the true Messiah, but also the restoration of the Davidic kingdom as God promised, now revealed in the New Covenant Church. $39.95
The Gospel of Matthew by Dr. Scott Hahn--a wonderful series three tape series which demonstrates Matthew's description of the Church and the Kingdom of God among other key topics in the Gospel, which Scott argues was the first written. A great Bible study for $18.00.
The Acts of the Apostles by Dr. Scott Hahn--a must to understand the early Church and the primacy of Peter, the "breaking of the bread" and episcopal authority and succession as well as the role of St. Paul. Value price at only $18.00.
The Book of Hebrews by Dr. Scott Hahn--critical study since this is the only epistle that deals with the subject of Christ's eternal priesthood and its relation to the sacraments and our salvation. An exciting series of eight tapes for only $32.00. [Summary notes available for this great Bible study--Free upon request.]
The Trinity: Central Mystery of Faith by Tim Staples--Although the word "Trinity" does not appear in the Bible, Christ's references to the Father and the Spirit along with the understanding of oral tradition, led Christians to clarify the role of the three persons of the Blessed Trinity over three centuries of doctrinal controversy. $18.00

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