Fathers of the Church on the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Ephraim, the lyre of the Holy Spirit, and a prolific writer of theological poetry, who lived from about 306-373 A.D. wrote:

 "Most holy Lady Mother of God, alone most pure in soul and body; alone exceeding all perfection of purity, both chastity and virginity, alone made in your entirety the home of all the graces of the most Holy Spirit; and hence exceeding beyond all compare even the angelic Virtues in purity and sanctity of soul and body, cast your eyes upon me....”

“My Lady most holy, Mother of God, and full of grace, most blessed, and most pleasing to God, vessel of the Divinity of your only Son . . . All-pure, all immaculate, all-undefiled, all-blameless, all worthy of praise, all-incorrupt, all-most blessed, all-inviolate . . . Virgin in soul, in body, and in spirit . . . incomprehensible miracle . . . spotless robe of Him who clothe Himself with light as with a garment . . .”

"No standard of victory is stronger than your defense. Therefore you are altogether immaculate and the world's mediatrix, with penitent heart, do I supplicate. In necessities I invoke your prompt protection, salutary next after God, and your secure and most powerful patronage- guilty though I be of many offences--from the depth of your heart."

"My most holy Lady, Mother of God, and full of grace; glory of our common nature; dispenser of all good things; after the Trinity, mistress of all; after the Paraclete, another consoler; and after the Mediator, the whole world's mediatrix; than Cherubim and Seraphim higher beyond compare, and more glorious by far; unsearchable abyss of God's goodness; protection of the whole universe; fullness of the graces of the Trinity . . . As the Mother, then, of Him who alone is good and merciful, receive my most miserable soul, and graciously obtain through your mediation and defense that it be found at the right hand of your Only-begotten Son." (from Precationes ad Dieparam)