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A Scott Hahn Catholic Bible study on the gospel of St. Luke Did Not Our Hearts Burn Within Us: A Bible Study on the Gospel of Luke by Scott Hahn

Christian historians of all denominations respect Luke's gospel as a meticulous historical record. Even many scholarly non-believers have called it "the most beautiful book ever written." In this edifying new Bible study you'll discover why in Dr. Scott Hahn's opinion Luke is, incredibly, also the "most Catholic" of the four Gospels! Scott shows how the Gospel of Luke speaks powerfully to both the scholarly mind and the human heart with the truths of the Catholic faith, discovering a Luke whose personality and special gifts shine through in his writing; a trained physician, offering a medically informed perspective on Jesus' healings; a skilled historian, careful in his research and precise in his narrative; a star pupil of St. Paul who communicates dramatically, in nine chapters, momentous and significant events the other evangelists cover in just one! St. Luke emerges here as an inspired author who was uniquely gifted to write a Gospel that is both history and theology. Only Luke gives us the parables of the Good Samaritan, the Prodigal Son and the Rich Man and Lazarus. And only Luke gives us the words of Mary's prayer in the Magnificat .

    Also, only in Luke do we find the illuminating account of the Eucharist Jesus celebrated at Emmaus on the evening of Easter Sunday. Luke gives us almost twice as many of Jesus' "eucharistic" words as the other evangelists and it is Luke's Gospel that contains the most detailed account of the institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper. Revealing how this Gospel is overwhelmingly effective as a tool for Catholic apologetics, teaching and everyday witness, Dr. Hahn relates that the other evangelists weren't "less Catholic" than Luke, but that his words in particular will help empower the faithful to defend precisely the points of doctrine that recent heresies have denied: namely, the Church's awesome and infallible teaching on Mary and the Eucharist. Finally, Scott shows that Luke is the only evangelist to emphasize the Israelite notion of Jubilee, which is so appropriate for this jubilee year. $27.95  To ORDER, CLICK HERE and scroll down to bottom of page.

Indulge Yourself: The Catholic Doctrine of Indulgences explained by Scott HahnIndulge Yourself: With a Bible Study on the Doctrine of Indulgences by Dr. Scott Hahn

Indulgences-there is probably no Catholic doctrine so misunderstood today, both inside and outside the Church. Yet the year 2000 is a Jubilee Year, launched with the Pope's promise of abundant grace through indulgences. This promise has many people wondering, What are indulgences? Where do you find their use in Scripture? Aren't they a thing of the past? Shouldn't we just forget about them?" The use of indulgences is, after all, the very controversy that sparked the Protestant Reformation and shattered Christendom.

Explode Myths & Misconceptions

    In this new six-tape series, Indulge Yourself, Dr. Scott Hahn explodes the many myths and misconceptions about indulgences. Always the scriptural and historical detective, Scott begins by unpacking the Catechism of the Catholic Church and clearly lays out the Church's teaching on indulgences. Following the trail of clues back through time, he pores through the pages of Sacred Scripture to discover the doctrine of indulgences prefigured in the lives of Noah and Abraham and rooted in the teachings of Jesus and Paul. Moving his investigation from the Scriptural exploration to the historical, Hahn spotlights the historical development of the doctrine and looks at how the practice and use of indulgences unfolded throughout the centuries within the family of God. He also discusses the early penitential practices of the Church and why indulgences played such an important and necessary role in the lives of the early Christians. 

Scott concludes this series by reviewing Pope John Paul II's Bull of Indiction for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, "The Mystery of the Incarnation," and spells out how to go about gaining the Jubilee indulgences. For ten years, listeners have requested a series on indulgences, but, Scott admits, "I didn't understand the doctrine very well myself, so I was almost embarrassed by it, though I accepted it on the Church's authority." But, once he looked deeply into the theology and practice of indulgences (few do more in-depth research than Dr. Hahn), he came to see it as something not only worth defending, but worth celebrating.

Examine God's Awesome Gift

    Now for the first time, you can thoroughly examine this doctrine with Dr. Scott Hahn, and discover for yourself the awesomeness of this gift. Discover why our Lord is so eager for us to receive His mercy and why Pope John Paul II recognizes indulgences as a powerful channel of grace requiring much of the person seeking to obtain one, especially during this "Great Jubilee Year." Indulgences are not a thing of the past, they are alive and well in the Family of God. Get these tapes today and then drink from the ocean of God's mercy. (6 audio tapes) $26.50  To Order CLICK HERE


The Seven Sacraments: The Master Works of GodThe Seven Sacraments: Masterworks of God by Stephen Ray

Have you ever been given an Evangelical tract attacking the Catholic belief in the
Sacraments? Are the Seven Sacraments really only empty rituals or are they rich
channels of grace? Where in the Bible does it show that Christ actually instituted
these visible actions of the Holy Spirit? 

In this exciting eight-tape series, The Seven Sacraments, you will be introduced to the Catholic understanding of "sacrament." Speaking from his own personal experience as a former Baptist with a strong Biblical background, Steve offers an interesting perspective by contrasting the diverse Evangelical and Catholic views. He quotes extensively from the Early Fathers to confirm the long-standing Church Tradition and teaching that is rooted in the very words and actions of Christ and was faithfully practiced by the Apostles. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the Sacraments are "powers that come from the Body of Christ which is ever-living and life-giving." They are referred to as "masterworks of God" that originate in Jesus Himself and flow through the Church--Christ’s Mystical Body. Rather than being mere "ordinances" as most Evangelical Christians understand them to be, the Sacraments are specific channels of Jesus’ healing, mercy and power. Their fundamental purpose is to "sanctify men and give worship to God." Now you can learn how to enjoy these incredible "reservoirs of grace." The Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Reconciliation, are the keys to growing in personal holiness and building up the Body of Christ. Discover how each of the Sacraments have their own life-giving qualities covering the whole of human existence--from the beginning of our life until we die. You will also find why the Church
affirms that for believers, the Sacraments are necessary for salvation! 

Set Your Soul on Fire

Let The Seven Sacraments help you come to a greater appreciation of these powerful "signs of God’s love." Begin to prayerfully ponder how you can better incorporate these "spiritual tools" more fully into your everyday life. Stephen Ray’s unique presentations are sure to set your soul on fire by demonstrating how the Sacraments can foster your desire to become a saint. Purchase a set today and begin imbibing in God’s abundance graces! Sacraments are "powers that come forth" from the Body of Christ, which is ever-living and life-giving. . . . They are "the masterworks of God" in the new and everlasting Covenant. (8 audio tapes), $34.50  To Order

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