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Inside the Bible is a new Catholic audio for your spiritual growth Inside the Bible by Fr. Kenneth Baker, S. J.

The Holy Bible is without question the best-selling book of all time, but widespread confusion about its message proves it is neither the most read, nor the best understood. Many Catholics open the Bible eagerly only to close it again discouraged. Because readers fail to grasp what the Bible is, what it is teaching (and not teaching) and how it all fits together, what should be an inspiring and joyful adventure all too often becomes a tiresome exercise in futility and frustration.

Comprehensive Overview 

Based on his popular book, Jesuit Father Ken Baker's enlightening six-tape set Inside the Bible will inspire you to grow in the love and knowledge of God's Holy Word. Presenting the Bible as the world's outstanding religious library, Fr. Baker provides an introduction to each book of both the Old and New Testaments. In thirteen half hour segments you'll discover the authors, time frames and major themes of the greatest books ever written.  In fact, understanding the Bible has never been easier as Fr. Baker outlines the content of each book and explores  the various historical contexts in which they were written. Also in this outstanding  tape set, Father unpacks the theology of the various inspired authors and offers many prayers taken directly from the sacred page.

Knowledge and Inspiration 

Originally aired on EWTN, Inside the Bible is a veritable treasure trove for personal or group Bible study providing the initial introduction, outline and summary for whatever particular book of the Old or New Testament you are studying. In these tapes you will be introduced to a new and more complete understanding of the incredible gift of the Church we call the Bible.  The knowledge and inspiration you'll receive will also prove a helpful aid to worship.
 So, whether you're a brand new seeker just beginning on the the path of Scripture study or a long-time veteran Bible reader, you'll be able to discover the beauty of God's Word with greater understanding than you ever thought possible with this comprehensive but easy-to-follow overview of what's Inside the Bible.  (6 tapes) $28.00



Teen Apologetics by Tim Staples is the finest in new Catholic audios for your spiritual growth and enjoyment Teen Apologetics: 7 Needs, 7 Answers, 7 Sacraments by Tim Staples

Teens and young adults face many difficult challenges from today's secular culture and how they respond will have eternal consequences! As parents, grandparents, Godparents or simply members of the Body of Christ you know that we must build up our children and our younger brothers and sisters and help them find their place in the world-and you know just how difficult that can be! But have no fear because help is on the way.  In the dynamic new four-tape set author, radio personality and former youth minister Tim Staples, stirs up the hearts of today's Catholic youth. In a direct and easy-to-follow style he explains that while there's a battle out there between good and evil, God has given each and every young Catholic all the weapons they need to go out and do some serious damage to the kingdom of Satan.

Get in the Mix! 

Young people want to know, "Who am I?" "How can I make a difference?" "Can God really use me to change the world?" In his usual upbeat style, Tim emphatically answers, "Yes!" He awakens young people to the knowledge of the awesome gift of their Catholic faith-and how that gift empowers them, to go out and make a difference in their families, their friends, their parishes and the whole world. Issuing a challenge to live the faith regardless of their state of life, Tim assures them that whatever they end up doing for a living, they must still get in the mix and start changing this culture of death into a culture of life.  Tim also reveals that all too many Catholics are afraid to stand up for their faith.  Many are concerned what their peers might think of them or perhaps are intimidated by the objections of non-catholic Christians who seem to have the whole Bible memorized! But Tim demonstrates that through developing a genuine love and knowledge of Christ and the teachings of His Holy Church, young people will also gain the confidence that is so necessary to boldly proclaim and defend our precious Catholic Faith.

Knowledge is Power 

In these truly exciting tapes, Tim explains the Sacraments and shows young people how each one is a powerhouse of grace designed to strengthen them for battle, discusses moral issues, and offers clear, logical, and Biblical arguments for the most common objections to our Catholic beliefs. Empowered by the combination of God's grace and the "intellectual ammunition" Tim provides, our young people will be fired up and ready to change this generation! If you know a young person looking to gain the courage and knowledge to stand up for the Faith, you'll want to get Seven Needs, Seven Answers, Seven Sacraments. This is truly the ammunition today's young people need in fighting the war of good and evil raging in our world today. Don't hesitate-order today! (4 audio tapes) $21.25


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