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Bible study on the epistle to the Galatians by Tim StaplesOne in Christ: A Bible Study on Galatians With Tim Staples

     In his letter to the Galatians St. Paul declares, "A man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ." Does this verse mean that St. Paul taught that we are saved by faith alone as Fundamentalists claim? What about the Catholic Church's teaching that works are necessary to our salvation? How can we reconcile our Catholic beliefs with Paul's declaration?  Well-known Catholic apologist and EWTN Radio personality Tim Staples provides us with the answer to this and many other challenges to Catholic beliefs in his informative and entertaining five-tape series.  Written in 54 AD, Galatians includes Paul's denunciation of the teachings of the so-called "Judaizers," who believed, wrongly,  that all Christians, including Gentiles, must observe circumcision and other ceremonies of the Mosaic Law. 

Paul And the Papacy

    Galatians also contains Paul's public correction of Peter: "But when Cephas or Kepha [Aramaic for Peter, which means "rock"] came to Antioch I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned." Critics ask, "Didn't Peter err in presenting Catholic teaching, requiring correction by a brother Bishop? Doesn't Paul here reject Peter's primacy over his fellow Bishops, the Apostles?  Tim not only shares the conclusive Biblical evidence that a Pope cannot commit error when teaching on a matter of faith or morals, but also demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that, far from rejecting Peter's teaching or authority, Paul actually confirms Peter's universal authority over the Church.

Lone Ranger Christianity

    Tim brings into sharp focus Paul's lesson that we must reject the kind of "Lone Ranger" Christianity that separates us from the authority of our Bishops in union with the Holy Father. And though the gospel calls each of us to be evangelists, we must still conform to our lawful spiritual authorities. In a clear and easy-to-understand manner Tim shows how two thousand years of often turbulent Church history, including some weak and sinful Popes, is not an argument against Church authority, but actually provides proof that the Holy Spirit has not-and will not-allow His Church to drift into error.
    But perhaps the most crucial lesson of Galatians is the importance of prayer and the sacraments in our lives. When we neglect them, we become like the errant Galatians, believing our salvation comes from our works alone, apart from God. Yet our works are meaningless without God's grace, which we first received in Baptism.(5 audio tapes)
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Mary Meeting the Challenge of the Cults by Mary Kochan--Pope John Paul II has warned American Bishops on their ad limina visits to Rome to be wary of today's fast-growing cults. In the past few decades, membership has risen rapidly in many non-Christian cults and, unfortunately, many of their new converts are former Catholics. How can you protect yourself, your family and friends from being drawn into these aggressive, deceptive and dangerous groups? In this informative 4-tape set, Mary Kochan confronts head-on the various teachings and techniques of pseudo-Christian cults and popular spiritual movements. Offering clear explanations and helpful suggestions to expose the errors of these false religions, she also outlines strategies to protect others from falling into their traps. By examining the fundamentals of their theological systems and the inherent inconsistencies of these closely-held beliefs, you will learn effective ways to build convincing arguments to refute cultic claims and thus lay the foundation to bring cult members to Christ--the Way, the Truth and the Life.

   Mary Kochan knows firsthand the incredible attraction and seductive trappings of cults. Having grown up in a third generation Jehovah's Witness family, she spent much of her life leading many down its dead-end road. Now, after converting to Christianity and ultimately being received into the Catholic Church, she has redirected her energies to exposing the deceptive doctrines and questionable practices of the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, the Church of Scientology, the International Church of Christ and others. Today she travels around the country giving seminars and classes to better equip believers to overcome fears and anxieties and to boldly face this growing threat. Mary also offers helpful tips on how to protect loved ones and assist those recovering from cult experiences.

Important Signs & Signals

    Now is your chance to get firmly grounded in the principle beliefs and modus operandi of these dubious groups. And to discover how to identify the crucial signs and signals that indicate someone you know or love may be involved with them. After listening to this series, you will know how to act quickly and respond pastorally to these emotionally sensitive, yet spiritually deadly, situations. (4 audio tapes).  To Order Phone 877-461-8608 or Click below:



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