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Title: Evangelizing the Apostate
With Fr. Peter Stravinskas

  Can non-Catholics be saved? What about those who are Catholic but then leave the Church for a mainline Protestant or Fundamentalist denomination? How can you defend yourself and protect the faith of your loved ones from the powerful objections raised against the Catholic position, "Outside the Church there is no salvation?"

An End to Confusion

    In the fascinating three-tape set, Evangelizing the Apostate, Fr. Peter Stravinskas editor of The Catholic Answer sets the record straight with all the vital information you need for understanding and sharing the truth about this crucial, but often misrepresented, dogma of the Faith.  Exploring the rich historical foundations of the real meaning of the relationship between salvation and the Catholic Church, as found in the Bible, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church and the crystallization of 1900 years of theological development by Vatican II, Fr. Stravinskas puts an end to confusion and confounds the critics of this dogma both within and outside the visible Church. In this fact-filled presentation, you'll learn to articulate the Church's true position on non-Christian religions, the "un-churched" and those who have rejected the fullness of the Gospel.

Breaking Faith

    On tape two, Fr. Stravinskas zeroes in on those Catholics who have left the Church to join one of the many thousands of "Bible-based" Fundamentalist groups. You'll learn about the real reasons why people abandon the Faith of their fathers, the tactics and techniques of Fundamentalist proselytizers and the real and eternal danger to the individual soul that rejects the fullness of the Gospel for a "pick-and-choose" version of Christianity.  From the teachings of Scripture and Tradition, and Father's own pastoral experience, you'll be enlightened to the most effective ways to re-evangelize apostate Catholics. 

The Spouse of the Spirit

In the final tape of this series, Father demonstrates how many objections to the Faith arise from misunderstandings about the true nature of the Church and the role of the Holy Spirit. Ironically, one of the greatest causes for division-- understanding the Church's essential Marian Doctrines-- provides vitally important applications and implications for our understanding of both. By examining the relationship between Mary, the Church and the Holy Spirit, you'll discover how a deeper appreciation for Our Lady effectively provides us with indispensable connections with the third person of the Blessed Trinity and His particular work on behalf of the Church. This extraordinary tape series is a must if you have ever considered leaving the Church or love someone who has. (3 tapes)


The Easter Triduum (Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday) by Fr. Corapi, SOLT

  Have you felt “mired in the mud of spiritual mediocrity”? Are you seeking ways to truly contemplate the richness of God’s mercy? Have you considered experiencing the power of God’s love as revealed in Jesus’ suffering, death and Resurrection.  The Easter Triduum, beginning with the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday and concluding with Jesus in the Tomb on Holy Saturday, offers an incredible and moving meditation on Christ’s institution of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders, His Passion and death, and His triumphant Resurrection from the dead. It is the celebration par excellence of the entire liturgical year and this inspired presentation will have you reliving the final days of Jesus’ life.

Father Corapi knows first-hand about the merciful love of our Heavenly Father. His journey to the priesthood is a real-life story of the prodigal son. After achieving worldly fame and fortune, Father Corapi’s life was radically transformed by God’s grace. After losing millions of dollars and nearly losing his soul, this man literally experienced “hell on earth” until the power of Christ’s Passion, death and Resurrection bathed him in Redemption. Now his life and ministry, a living testimony to Divine Mercy, is about sharing the Paschal Mystery!  In these stirring talks, you will learn about the cosmic warfare going on in today’s battle for souls. You will be challenged to participate in Christ’s redemptive work and His call to holiness. Even if you feel unworthy or unable to fulfill this awesome mission, Father Corapi will show you the path to ultimate victory. And, he’ll teach you to be open to the world around you, the “theater of redemption” chosen by God to manifest His merciful love. (3 60 min. programs) $21.95


bulletTape One—Holy Thursday: How the OT Passover prefigures Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary • Why the Blood of the Lamb is our protection, peace, hope & joy • Why believers must be “Christocentric” and not “egocentric”
bulletTape Two—Good Friday: How Genesis answers all our questions concerning suffering, pain & death • What is the “re-constructive power” in suffering • How St. Paul’s “power in weakness” principle helps in times of darkness 
bulletTape Three—Holy Saturday: Why discouragement is the Devil’s greatest weapon • What three things are needed to live in the power of the Resurrection • How Our Lady is a guaranteed shortcut to God


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