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Jesus of Nazareth a classic Christian video on the life of JesusJesus of Nazareth.

This six hour video brings us the epic majesty of the life of Jesus as told by the Apostles. Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus of Nazareth brings to life all the majesty and sweeping drama of the life of Jesus. The star-studded international cast includes Sir Laurence Olivier, Michael York, James Earl Jones, Anthony Quinn, Rod Steiger, Anne Bancroft, Olivia Hussey and Robert Powell (starring as Jesus) adds depth and humanity to the roles of the saints, sinners and ordinary people whose lives Jesus touched. The film magnificently transports you to the Holy Land and takes you through his life from birth and presentation in the temple to his three year ministry of preaching, teaching, healing and the sorrowful passion and death culminating in his Resurrection and appearances to his disciples. Directed by Oscar nominee Franco Zeffirelli and acclaimed by critics and religious leaders worldwide, Jesus of Nazareth tells the greatest story ever told with tremendous emotion and splendor. This film can be used at home, in conjunction with Bible studies, in the classroom or in a variety of settings. Normally sells for 59.95 but our sale price is $26.95. To Order Click Here and then Scroll down the page.

Anno Domni, Year of Our Lord, a great Christian Video>A.D.</b></font></h3>

<p align=Picking up where the acclaimed Jesus of Nazareth leaves off, A.D. vividly recreates the turbulent years following the Resurrection of Christ, contrasting Imperial Rome's harsh rule with the "revolution of love" being waged by a determined group of Christians armed only with their faith. Like the acclaimed Jesus of Nazareth, A.D. is a mammoth six hour production that tells the inspiring story of the great triumph of the early Church despite the Jewish and Roman persecutions. Its stars include James Mason, Richard Roundtree, Susan Sarandon, Ava Gardner, Colleen Dewhurst, Jennifer O'Neille, Fernando Rey, Millie Perkins, Ben Vereen, Jack Warden, John Houseman and Anthony Zerbe. It is the best picture of this era of the underground and persecuted church, focusing on Peter and Paul through their travels, travails and martyrdoms. It comes with a Study Guide for use with the Video series for those who want to match up the events in the Acts of the Apostles with the film. A true classic. Comes with a 53 page guide book. Our Fall sale price is $57.95. 360 minutes. To Order Click Here

Revelation: The Second Coming.

Fr. Alfred Mc Bride's 13 part series on the Book of Revelation, originally presented on EWTN, provides a fascinating study of the symbolism and meaning of the prophecy and message of John's great book of mystery. He un-mystifies much of the symbolism and makes the images and words comes to life. Fr. Mc Bride's engaging style makes the Apocalypse a part of the deposit of faith that you can understand. He is also the author of a book length study of this great book of the Bible. $39.95

Padre Pio: A Great Man of Our Century.

The fascinating life of the Capuchin monk and priest, who for 50 years bore the wounds of Christ (stigmata), from 1918-1968. Padre Pio was an inspiration to many Catholics around the world and suffered a great deal, from persecution and from his physical wounds, but led an inspiring life which changed the lives of those he touched. He touched the lives of many others, some of whom appear in this video production. Today he is recognized as a Saint. 55 minutes. $24.95  Phone 877-461-8608 toll free.

The Mission.

An award winning drama based on history in which Jesuit missions struggle to protect the golden voiced Guarani Indians in the beautiful jungles of South America near the border of Portuguese and Spanish territories in 1758 against the ambitions and ruthlessness of land owners who want to enslave the Indians, expel the Jesuits from Latin America and have their own way. In the midst of these events the life of slave captain, played by Robert De Niro, who loses his will to live after a confrontation with his brother over the woman he loves, and the leader of the Jesuit order, played by Jeremy Irons, produces great drama that reveals human struggle on many levels. You won't soon forget this story. Sale price: $17.95 Phone 877-461-8608 toll free.

Mother Teresa.

This powerful and moving film presents what many consider the definitive portrait of selfless nun who served the poorest of the poor around the world. Shot over a period of five years in ten different countries on four continents, this award-winning film follows the great founder of the Missionaries of Charity into poor countries and trouble spots. Shows how she transcended innumberable political, social and religious barriers with her works of love based on her deep faith in Christ. An inspiring and courageous woman in action. $19.95

The Visible Bible: Acts.

This multi-million dollar four hour production filmed on location in the Middle East and Africa, with a cast of thousands is a historically accurate account of the Early Church. Filmed with world class actors like Richard Kiley (Matthew), Dean Jones (Luke), James Brolin (Peter), and Jennifer O'Neill (as Lydia), the Visual Bible presents the first-ever dramatic portrayal of all the events presented word for word from the Bible. Not a video about the Bible, but a beautifully done presentation of the Bible that allows you to experience the impact of God's word. Makes the Holy Scriptures come to life. $59.00. To Order Click Here

Joan of Arc.

An academy award winner starring Ingrid Bergman and Jose Ferrer with a cast of thousands. The teenage Joan, an uneducated farm girl, leads the French army against the English and saves France, changing the history of Europe at the direction of saintly voices from heaven only to be martyred with the name of Jesus on her lips as she died at the stake. Her purity and beauty show through in this classic drama, which has fascinated historians and made the French proud. $19

The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Bishop Christoph Shoeborn of Austria, editor and coordinator of the Catechism project, explains in a series of six programs the four pillars of the faith as expressed in the Catechism, namely the Creed, the Sacraments, the Commandments and Prayer in its various forms. 200 minutes. $24

King of Kings.

Jeffery Hunter stars in this beautifully filmed life of Christ. Panoramic scenes of battles between Roman legions and Judean rebels contrast with the serene faith of Jesus. A life of Christ covering the Sermon on the Mount, selection of his disciples, His Passion to include his crucifixion and the Resurrection. Done with simplicity, taste and reverence. 170 minutes. $24.95

The Keys of the Kingdom.

Gregory Peck received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his excellent portrayal of a dedicated priest who accepts the daunting challenge of resurrection a destroyed mission in rural China. His generosity and courage win the villagers respect, and his mission work prospers. A moving story of one man's effort to serve God without any thought of personal gain. 137 min b/w. $19.95.

The Story of Jacob and Joseph.

Another great program for Bible study or personal spiritual enrichment. Jacob steals his older brother Esau's birthright with help from his mother, deceiving father Isaac. Twenty years later Jacob and Esau are reconciled, but a new generation of envy is born. Jacob's sons envy their younger brother Joseph, their father's favorite, and sell him into slavery. This leads to adventure in Egypt, with Joseph ultimately becoming Pharaoh's chief adviser and soon to be savior of his own starving family, who come to him seeking food and refuge. Includes Biblical reference and study guide. 96 minutes. $19.95.


Barabbas was the revolutionary Zealot that the Jews chose to free instead of Jesus, despite the fact that he had committed murder. This fictionalized account of his subsequent life witnesses his return to thievery, after witnessing the death by stoning of a Christian martyr. After many adventures and run-ins with Roman authorities, he finds Christian faith at the end of his life, as he himself faces crucifixion. $134 minutes. $17.95

The Ten Commandments.

For sheer pageantry and spectacle, few films can equal the splendor of this epic by the great producer, Cecil B. De Mille. It tells the story of Moses, played by Charleton Heston, who turns his back on his privileged life as a "son" of Pharaoh to lead his people from their bitter exile to the promised land. Great human drama in the Biblical account. 220 minutes. $29.95

Demetrius and the Gladiators.

An action packed sequel to The Robe, in which Demetrius is entrusted with the robe by Peter. But his faith is tested when he turns his back on God and enters the arena and becomes a famous gladiator in Rome. Victor Mature and Susan Hayward star in this fine drama on the early Christian community in Rome. 101 minutes. $17.95

Seven Cities of Gold.

Filmed in 1955, this is a fascinating drama with a strong cast including Anthony Quinn and Michael Rennie, which tells the riveting story of Fr. Junipero Sierra, who founded the California missions amongst the Indians, converting thousands. 103 minutes. $19.95.

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